Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Handmade Journals Inspiration Overload!

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! Here I'm sharing several handmade
journals! I love, love to make these journals...they are quick & make great gifts!
There are some links below with information on the products used in each journal.
I've used lots & lots of gorgeous products from Wild Orchid Crafts. I hope you
stop by & show them some love. They have so many great items to choose from.
Thanks for stopping by. Check out the video (below) showing these albums come together!

Charme Papeteria (Etsy) Shabby Chic:

 CottageAndLace (Etsy) Roses:

 Adrienne Looman Beautiful Chic:

 Carina Gardner Garden Rose:

 Echo Park Wedding Bliss:

 Echo Park Victoria Gardens:

Process video:

Wild Orchid Crafts Website:
Wild Orchid Crafts Facebook:
Wild Orchid Crafts YouTube channel:
Wild Orchid Crafts Blog:

Wild Orchid Crafts Products Used:

Journal 1: Cottage and Lace Roses:
Flat Back Glitter Balls: GST-280
White Flat Back Pearls: GST-258
Pale Pink Chrysanthemums: MKX-202
Off White Chrysanthemums: MKX-117
Ivory Gardenias: MKX-080
Mixed Pink English Roses: MKX-324
Light Pink LIly: MKX-136
Mixed Red & White Wild Roses: QVR-015

Journal 2: Echo Park Wedding Bliss:
White Magnolias: QVR-028
White/Baby Pink Centre Wild Rose: QVR-067
Rose Pink Open Roses: MKX-008

Journal 3: Charme Papeteria Shabby Chic:
Pale Pink Chrysanthemums: MKX-202
Off White Chrysanthemums: MKX-117
White Magnolias: QVR-028
Angel With Corners Resin: MKX-437
Mixed Pink Tone Rosebuds: GST-014
White Hip Rosebuds: GST-020

Journal 4: Adrienne Looman Beautiful Chic:
Mixed Pastel Magnolias: QVR-029
Off White Chrysanthemums: MKX-117
White/Baby Pink Centre Wild Roses: QVR-026
Pale Pink Chrysanthemums: MKX-202
Flat Back Glitter Balls: GST-208
Cream Flower Cabochon: GST-148

Journal 5: Carina Gardner Garden Rose:
White Apple Blossoms: MKX-625

Journal 6: Echo Park Victoria Gardens:
Mixed Pastel Chrysanthemums Set A: QVR-030
White Magnolias: QVR-028
Flat Back Glitter Balls: GST-208
White/Baby Pink Centre Wild Rose: QVR-067
White Sweetheart Blossoms:  MKX-336

Paper collections used:
Echo Park:
Wedding Bliss:
Victoria Gardens:

Carina Gardner: Garden Rose:

Adrienne Looman: Beautiful Chic:

CharmePapeteria (Etsy): Shabby Chic:

CottageAndLace (Etsy): Roses:

Post Card Images: NostalgieGrafikland (Etsy):

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Altered wooden letter using Wild Orchid Crafts!

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'd like to share a wooden altered letter I made for my beautiful niece, Aurora's room! I picked the letter A up from Amazon & spray painted it white. I then added a bunch of gorgeous Chrysanthemums from Wild Orchid Crafts (listed below). I did scatter a few different sized pearls throughout. It was quick, simple & very fun to make. I hope you enjoy! I also have a quick process video on this, if you'd like to stop by & check it out. I will link that below!

Here's a picture of it hung in her room:


Thanks for stopping by! Much love...Corene

Wild Orchid Crafts Products Used:
Mixed Blue/Aqua/White Chrysanthemums: QVR-006
Mixed Colour Chrysanthemums: QVR-080
Mixed Pastel Set A Chrysanthemums: QVR-023
Mixed Pastel Set B Chrysanthemums:  QVR-030
Mixed Pastel Set C Chrysanthemums: QVR-031
Mixed Pink & White Chrysanthemums: QVR-003
Off White Chrysanthemums: MKX-117
Pale Pink Chrysanthemums: MKX-202
White Flat Back Pearls 10mm: GST-258
White Flat Back Pearls 14mm: MKX-209

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thanks for stopping by! I'm sharing a handmade
journal using beautiful Wild Orchid Crafts products!
My journal is 9" x 6 3/4".
The inside pages have beautiful notebook pages inside. 


This came together so quickly!
Wild Orchid Crafts products make every project a little bit prettier :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Here's a process video:

Wild Orchid Crafts Products Used:
Flat Back Glitter Balls: GST-280
Chipboard Idea D'oro Sign Frame: GST-242
Flat Back White Pearl String: MKX-613
Pretty Flori Flowers-Pastel Geums: MKX-210
Pretty Flori Flowers-Pastel Anemone: MKX-326
White/Baby Pink Centre Wild Rose: QVR-067
White Fabric Blossom Flowers: MKX-309
White Almond Blossom Fabric Flowers: MKX-278