Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm having so much fun with my Smash book! I resisted buying one for so long, thinking that I could just make my own, which I did, & loved the way it turned out! I spent alot of time on it, used up alot of scraps & then ended up giving it away. I really did not feel like making another one right away, so I was at Michael's & came across them & they were on sale. I flipped thru them & loved them, I ended up getting one. The book sat on my desk for a couple of weeks. Once I opened it & started on it, I quickly became addicted!! I love the fact that you do not feel the pressure of them being perfect, and it's a great way to use up scraps! If you have not tried one, I highly suggest it! They are fun to make also! I've made video's on my Smash book entries, so please check them out. Hope you have a great week!


  1. I love your smash book! I at first didn't think I would like the smash book and thought I would never use it. But wrong, I LOVE IT! I just barley started, and only done one page and still not finished with it. But your right it is so much fun. Thinking on buying my mom one. My daughter already has one. She wants to get another one. lol

    1. Hi Leann...I agree with you, I bought my first smash book & it just sat on a shelf for awhile, but now, I'm addicted to it! I think it's awesome your daughter has one! I wish I could get my son to do one, but he's too "cool" for it :) You & your daughter are building great memories! Thank's for stopping by!

  2. Just found your fantastic videos on YouTube. I have a couple of Smash books now, in the three different sizes but I just need to get down to the "Smashing" part lol Your videos were very inspiring! Thanks :) (from freezing New South Wales, Australia)

  3. Hallo Corene! Deine Smash Book videos auf you tube sind einfach toll. Bin total süchtig danach. Liebe grüße von Tanja aus Deutschland :-)