Friday, December 13, 2013

I love the holiday season! I love to make Christmas decorations to enjoy around the house. It was fun, to pull out all our decorations, to discover the one ornaments I made last year. This year, I made an Elf that is coming down the chimney. I hope you like the idea. I have also made one to go inside my smash book, I will link the video for you to check it out! Here's just some of the holiday projects I've recently made.
Here is the smash book page I completed, with the same elf:
Here's the video, showing the "start to finish" of these pages. Hope you enjoy!
Here's the video, where I make this:
I also had fun making another Christmas page in my smash, which I was able to scrap last year's Christmas photo's! I will link that video as well.
I hope you check out the video! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the season!

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