Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Wreath using G45 Matchbook Box!

Today for Cut At Home, I'm sharing a Christmas project, using a Graphic 45 Matchbook box. Last year around this time, I made a wreath using book paper...a tutorial I watched on YouTube. That inspired my project I'm sharing with you today. I loved the wreath so much, that I wanted to incorporate it into a project this year. When I saw the 12x12 Matchbook box, I thought this was a perfect shadow box! These come in several sizes & this is the first time I've worked with the 12x12.

I first painted the entire bottom of the box, using red acrylic paint. I gave it three coats. Then using a book I picked up from a second hand store, I tore out several pages. I used my paper trimmer & took off about 3/4" from the edge, giving it a clean edge. My next step was to form a "cone" shape, by wrapping it around, and taping it at the bottom. Placing the book page horizontal to me, I first grab the top right corner and wrap it around, bringing it towards me. Lastly I wrap the bottom left side of the page over the cone, adding a little bit of tape to hold it together. I then stapled the bottom of each cone. Measuring each one, I then cut them to size to fit in the box. I adhered them down using hot glue, and adding layer by layer, alternating sides, until it had the fullness I desired. Using small gold ornaments, I added several of them in the middle of my wreath. Finishing it off with a glass candlestick holder to the bottom of the box, using E6000. This would also look great, if you wanted to hang this on your wall. I wanted this to stand up, adding it to my fireplace mantel.

Here's the wreath I made last year, which inspired my project for this year:

I do have a step by step video, showing how I put this together (see below). I sure hope you've enjoyed my project I've shared today. Please check out Cut At Home's Blog here for more inspiration & product code information.
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