Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wall art, using Wild Orchid Craft Flowers!

Hello! I found this wood piece that is 12x12 by Jillibean Soup at Walmart of all places! 
I knew instantly I needed to add Wild Orchid Craft Flowers!
This was such a simple, and quick project! 

I love this addition to my craftroom. These flowers just make me happy!

I'm not sure on how well it picks up, but I added a few Glitter Flat Back Balls
throughout, along with a bow!

Here's a list of flowers that I've used on this piece. I hope you stop by Wild Orchid Crafts, they
have so many beautiful products to choose from! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Here's a super quick start to finish video:

Wild Orchid Crafts Products Used:
Mixed Blue Tone Trellis Roses: MKX-096
Deep Ivory Open Roses: MKX-015
White/Baby Pink Centre Wild Roses: QVR-067
Pink Mist Wild Roses: QVR-067
White W/Dusky Pink Centre Wild Roses: QVR-066
White Wild Roses: QVR-014
Wave Mist Wild Roses: QVR-036
White/Cream Tone Trellis Roses: MKX-091
Flat Back Glitter Balls: GST-280

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